Logo Brief -

A number of international cities with large urban bus fleets have formed an alliance on hydrogen buses. These cities represent leading adopters of new bus technologies on their respective continents and plan to act as leaders in the move to cleaner fuels for urban public transit.

The alliance includes

•  Amsterdam

•  Barcelona

•  Berlin

•  British Columbia

•  Hamburg

•  London

•  Western Australia

•  Oakland


The name of this:

Hydrogen Bus Alliance


Logo needs to be designed that should reflect the fact that it is:

An international organisation that will promote the development & use of hydrogen as public transport.

This logo will be used on a variety of mediums, including print/web, and possibly the side of some buses. So needs to be strong, distinctive, clean & flexible.


Successful contest winner(s) will have the opportunity to design a 8 page 'Summary' document using the style/theme of the successfully chosen logo.
* Must be designed in Adobe Indesign CS1